UV-OZONE Food Sterilizer (FS-505 smart)
UV-Ozone Food Sterilizer (FS-505 smart)
What you don't know about your food?

How much do you actually understand about the food you eat everyday ? Let us tell you more about it..

The more you know, the safer it is!
Food that we eat today may look and taste delicious but could in fact hide many deadly toxins that could harm our body. Taking in these pollutants will gradually lead to health risking disease. Although we know that food from markets contain agricultural chemical pesticides, most of us are not totally aware how harmful it is to us.

To further increase the commercial production of crops, farmers are using all sorts of pesticides and chemicals on their harvests far exceeding the safe rate of dosage.

It is proven!
According to the reports of Consumer Association of United States, if a child consumers too much of contaminated food, the nervous system can damage easily. The World Labour Organization states that the usage of chemical pesticides has dramatically increased globally, from 65 million tons to 400 million tons in a short span of years. These figures are still expected to climb exponentially.

American Food & Drug Association (FDA) issued several reports in 1988 indicating that in every 150,000 cancer patients, 20% of them are affected by cancer-causing agricultural chemicals.

Moreover, what we eat everyday contains high level of antibiotics and growth stimulant.

Antibiotic usage on animals are actually banned. The fact is these enhancing substances are used deliberately in order to satisfy the growing markets demand. These impurities cannot be biodegradable in such short period of time by animals. Therefore when we eat meat, we consume these remaining harmful chemical presence.
It's time to decide now !
Inspired by the earth's ozone layer, we are proud to introduce the "Natural U.V. Ozone Technology". Presently, ozone is regarded as the most effective way of sterilization by many technologically advanced countries in Europe such as Germany, England and France. It's also recognized by U.S. and Japan. Even FDA has certified the sterilizing purpose of ozone.

Don't let your ignorance hinder your health. Think of yourself. Decide for your family.
  • Removes chemical residue and pesticides on vegetables and fruits
  • Disposes harmful bacterias in meat & fish
  • Get rids of unpleasant odors from food
  • Expunges parasites and larva on vegetables and fruits
  • Ozonated water improves skin metabolism and reduces allergy
  • Effectively removes washing detergent residues from kitchen utensils and bacteria from household items
  • Preserves freshness in food

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