The History of Ozone

 The odor of Ozone was first reported by Van Mauren in 1785, in the vicinity of an electrical discharge. In 1840, Christian Schonbein observed a unique odor during electrolysis and electrical sparking experiments and identified this characteristic odor as a previously undetermined compound.

Ozone is named after the Greek word "Ozein", meaning to smell. However the identity of the structure of the compound was confirmed in 1867 as triatomic oxygen, simply mean the Ozone molecule contains three oxygen atoms, having the chemical symbol O3.

The Definition of Ozone

 Ozone is the safest and second most powerful oxidant known to man. Ozone as an oxidant neutralizes contaminants or chemically alters them so that they can be more easily eliminated.


Chemistry of Ozone

Ozone (O3), a colorless gas, is the tri-atomic form of oxygen; also know as "Super Oxygen". It is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms (O1+O1+O1=O3).

Ozone is formed naturally by the Ultra-Violet Rays of the sun (photochemical reaction) and by lightning (bio-electrical reaction). Ozone also formed synthetically by passing air or oxygen over a Ultra-Violet lamp (photochemical reaction). Some of the oxygen molecules split into two separate oxygen atoms. These single atoms then form semi-unstable bonds with the oxygen molecules (O2+O1=O3/Ozone). These oxygen molecules are highly reactive. This reactivity is because of the third atom of oxygen, also know as a "Hungry Atom". This atom being very eager to break away from this semi-unstable bond and react with any oxidizable compound (organic or inorganic). Also due to its reactivity, Ozone has a very short life span (about 20 min.).


Amazing Facts About Ozone

  • Is three atoms of oxygen (O2+O1=O3)
  • Is a very powerful form of "active oxygen"
  • Reverts back to oxygen (O2) within 20 minutes
  • Is GOD's way of purifiying the air, making it fresh and clean
  • Is powerful reactive and the strongest scientifically-proven safe oxidizer
  • Protects us from the harmful part of the UV rays in the upper atmosphere
  • Is the strongest natural algaecide, bactericide, viricide, fungicide, protozoazcide and parasiticide know to man, being used for 100+ years with 99% efficiency
  • Is now being used to purify the municipal water supply in major U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Fort Worth/Dallas, and Milwaukee, plus over 3000 cities worldwide
  • Is a very misunderstood and under-applied substance that could do much to decontaminate our environment and to relieve a multitude of the environmental and medical problems that are afflicting humanity



Formation of Ozone


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