Corporate Profile

Top-Ozone Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd was established since year 2001 as one of the pioneer company in Malaysia to provide a one-stop Ozone (O3) related products and services R & D, manufacturing, distributing and after-sales-support.

Our management and marketing head office is located in Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur with our product assembly facility located in Melaka , Malaysia to provide long term and committed after sales support.

As the only registered Member Company with the International Ozone Association (IOA) in Malaysia currently, Top-Ozone has been appointed recently by the IOA as the board member under the European Asian African Australasian Group [EA3G] division.

We have achieved the ISO 9001:2000 (QMS-Quality Management System) in year 2006 and also being the 1st Ozone-based company being certified by the Malaysia Book of Records and awarded with product patent; the following is our Quality policy.

Quality Policy

Top-Ozone Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd is committed to market and promote our OZONE-based products and services to our customers (dealers and end users) with outstanding quality, efficiency and comply with all applicable requirements. We shall continually improve our Quality Management System -QMS to enhance customer satisfaction, market expectations and brand values.

Corporate Vision

The Ultimate Brand in Ozone-Wellness

Corporate Mission

  • Adding new families everyday into the list of “Ozone-Wellness-Lifestyle”; the only chemical-free & environmental-friendly solution to air, water & food contamination
  • Creating Value-Add driven culture to serve existing & new customers with new ideas and strategies to enhance customers’ relationship, satisfaction, loyalty & Brand Value
  • Continue to Think & Act differently to create “blue ocean” business strategies which sets new and high standard among industry players

Corporate Value

  • To enrich & enhance the customer’s health & well-being everyday with Ozone (O3)



Our Corporate, Product & Brand Outstanding Achievements


  • established in May 2001 - the only registered company in the country with IOA (International Ozone Association) since 2002
  • appointed by IOA as the board member under the European Asian African Australasian Group [EA3G] division in year 2004
  • the 1st Ozone company in the country with its own assembly facility, distribution network and after sales support
  • 1st Ozone company with own R&D facility and organized Ozone seminars in collaboration with local university like UPM & UKM
  • 1st Ozone company invited by the Ministry to participate in the 1st Intellectual Property Day Exhibition in year 2005 at MITC Melaka 
  • 1st Ozone based company certified ISO 9001:2000 in January, year 2006
  • 1st Ozone company invited to appear live on 8TV health series (Eve Diary) and Shop @ Dapat Program
  • 1st and only Ozone company in the country with its product endorsed by spokesperson like celebrity chef Amy Beh
  • 1st and only Ozone company listed in the Branding Association of Malaysia and PUMM (Persatuan Usahawan Muda Malaysia)
  • 1st and only Ozone company being elected as the Secretary General of Branding Association of Malaysia in year 2006


  • 1st Ozone brand to secure registered trademark
  • 1st Ozone brand with highest media exposure (print, TV & radio)
  • 1st Ozone brand with highest exposure through P.R. and event ground activities
  • 1st Ozone brand having the privilege to strategize partnership with established consumer brands such as Pensonic, Eu Yan Sang, Jasmine, Marigold, Nesh, Yee Lee, Erican, Popular Book Company, Berjaya Times Square and many more through events and activities such as “My Mum ~ the Iron Chef 2006” cooking competition
  • 1st Ozone brand featured regularly on TV program (TV Shopping)
  • 1st Ozone brand having the highest brand exposure through events and activities with V.I.Ps from Prime Minister to Ministers
  • 1st Ozone brand to participate in the MEBA (Malaysian Emerging Brand Award) organized by MICCI
  • 1st Ozone brand to associate with the most ozone therapists network in the country


  • 1st and only UV-Ozone technology product in the country
  • 1st Sirim approved Ozone product in the country
  • 1st Ozone product to secure SAMM ISO/IEC 17025 lab test reports
  • 1st Ozone product featured regularly on TV program (TV Shopping)
  • 1st Ozone product awarded patent and industrial design by the PHIM Division Malaysia
  • 1st Ozone product to provide Product Liability Insurance of RM 1,000,000 by multinational insurance company Aviva
  • 1st Ozone product with renewable UV-Ozone chamber for long term usage
  • 1st Ozone product tested for its stable Ozone output (ppm,mg/liter)
  • 1st Ozone food sterilizer applying UV-Ozone technology not producing by-products such as oxide of nitrogen
  • Top-Ozone product recently secured initial sample order from Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai & South Africa
  • Top-Ozone product currently serving more than 3,000 customers nationwide


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